Tulip Malaysia: Everything You Need To Know About Tulips

If you love flowers, you probably have a thing for tulips too! But what do you know about these stunning delicate flowers? Tulips are more than just beautiful flowers. Here’s something interesting about tulips – they were originally found and cultivated by Turks in Central Asia. Initially known as ‘wild flowers’, the name ‘tulip’ was derived from a Turkish word because of its resemblance to a ‘turban’. After that, these beautiful blooms were imported into Holland in the sixteenth century.

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Since then, the Netherlands has been widely known around the world for tulips as they have perfected the art of growing these beautiful flowers. They even have a Tulip Festival in Amsterdam where you can see tulips of all kinds of colours and species in bloom. If you happen to be in Holland during the spring season – March through May, you’d want to visit this beautiful flower park.

Did you also know that the Netherlands is the largest commercial producer of tulips in the world? They produce as many as 3 billion tulip bulbs annually! We are so lucky and blessed to be able to import these gorgeous tulips into Malaysia.

One special thing about tulips is that they have a vibrant array of colours which are available in just about every colour of the rainbow. Some petals come in multiple colours and tones which make them even more special. To make it more interesting, their colours have special meanings attached to them as well! It’s best to learn the meanings behind the colours before gifting someone. Read on to find out the language of tulips.

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The Meaning of Every Tulip Colours

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Red Tulips

Just like red roses, the red tulip is associated with love, romance and lust. Red tulips are a classic and also means everlasting love, true love, passionate love etc. which makes it a popular choice for couples. If you’d like to express your love to a loved one, a bouquet of red tulips would be ideal instead of the usual red roses!

Pink Tulips

Pink tulips come in many different shades of pink, some in darker tones and some in lighter tones. However, they are all known for their meaning of affection, caring and well wishes. This is more likely appropriate for friends and family members.

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Yellow Tulips

The colour yellow has always represented happiness, joy and friendship. It’s the happiest colour. Just like any yellow flower, it is associated with the sun, which brings positivity. The yellow tulip flower stands for hope and cheerful thoughts. A bouquet of yellow tulips is great to send to a good friend as a get-well-soon gift or something to cheer them up!

Purple Tulips

Purple has been known as a royal colour and thus, purple tulips represent royalty, power, nobility and serenity due to the richness of the colour. Besides that, it can also symbolize romance which is one of the reasons why some brides choose purple tulips as wedding flowers. You can see them in wedding bouquets as well as the centrepiece. There are many different varieties of purple tulips with different hues of purple. This majestic colour tulip is perfect t Ko o send to the queen of your heart!

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Orange Tulips

Other than yellow tulips, orange tulips also symbolize happiness. Aside from that, they represent understanding, appreciation and joy. Gifting these tulips to a loved one is said to represent a mutual bond and appreciation, usually between two people in love. When it comes to family and friends, you could send them a bouquet of orange tulips to thank them for being in your life.

White Tulips

White tulips have a deep meaning of purity, respect, forgiveness and honour while also known as a symbol of new beginnings. They are widely seen during funeral services as well as a way of celebrating religious milestones such as baptism. Apart from that, white tulips are a great way of saying “I’m sorry” to someone so if you’re thinking of apologizing to someone, express your emotions through a bouquet of white tulips!

The Most Popular Tulips Varieties

There are hundreds of tulip varieties, all of different colours and tones, as well as different species such as single petal and double petal tulips. Below are some of the most popular tulip varieties that Malaysia has imported.


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Single Petal Tulips

The single petal tulips available in Malaysia come with a variety of colours such as white, lilac, pink, red, yellow and orange etc. They’re known as the “most natural” type of tulips among all the varieties there are. This is because these tulips have been cross-bred the least among the other cultivars. Other than that, single tulips are also the sturdiest among the rest and are suitable to be transported to other places..

Double petals

You’ve read about single petal tulips, now what about double petal tulips? Basically, they’re tulips with extra petals. However, they were bred to look different, bigger, fluffier, ruffled and kind of look like peonies.

Dyed tulips

Ever wondered how some flowers like roses are in blue coloured petals? Well, they’re actually dyed! The same goes for tulips which result in stunning coloured petals. How this works is, the stems of the tulips absorb the dye being put in the water. The dye then moves through the veins of each petal creating beautifully coloured petals. More colours will get absorbed the longer the stem stays in the water.

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How To Care For Tulips

When tulips are properly cared for, they can last for seven to ten days in a vase of freshwater. Firstly, choose the right vase and be sure it is properly cleaned. Fill the vase with fresh cool water and to keep your blooms happy, add some flower food to the water. Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle so that the freshwater will get soaked up by the stems. Don’t forget to carefully remove any leaves that will be submerged. This is to avoid the bacteria on the leaves from contaminating the water. Avoid placing the vase in direct sunlight as they are quite photosensitive. Repeat the steps above, your blooms will last longer and stay happier!

Where To Get Tulip Flowers in Malaysia

Spring season is where you find beautiful tulips everywhere in Holland, from gardens to parks and even florist shops. Mark your calendars too, because this is when you’ll find all sorts of tulips in Malaysia’s florist shops!

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