About Us

Inspo is a floral atelier that specialises in curated, customised flowers – both online and offline. Think floral arrangements, gift boxes or even wedding decor defined by what makes you, you.

We specialise in the personal touch that makes gifts memorable. Big or small, grand or subtle.

We take pride in our variety of styles, bespoke details, fun ideas, and most of all our passion for flowers and botanicals.

Our passion extends to workshops that help you cultivate your signature style in working with flowers too!

Our Vision

To be a lifestyle and floral hub in Malaysia that curate bespoke and unique gifting experiences and inspire people to nurture their own individual touch in gift-making.

What we do:

1. At Inspo, we help people celebrate life and each other through flower works that are as unique and creative as they are.

2. We also empower people to explore the wonders of flowers and artisanal activities through community-inspired workshops.

3. We help couples live out the perfect look for their special day with personalised wedding styling.